American Beauty

Added on by Carolyn Van Houten.

Curves and dimples and freckles.  Moles and scars and wrinkles.  Many people place so much of their self-worth in aspects of their appearance that they have no control over.  I think we all have this little voice in our heads telling us what is wrong with ourselves, making it incredibly difficult to see all of the things that are oh so beautifully right.  I have always been uncomfortable in front of the camera, perhaps fearing that my mental image of myself may turn out to be the truth.  However, every single day I ask people--people who have the same insecurities that I do--to allow me to photograph them, oftentimes in very vulnerable situations.  Nearly every single time they say yes.  There is an inherent trust immediately established with that answer.  A trust that I, as a journalist, will photograph them honestly.  And you know what?  I think that honesty is the most pure form of beauty.

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